Your skin answers to the natural order of things. It is a reflection of how you treat it. In other words, your skin is a reflection of how much you invest in it. This is why it is baffling when people cannot see the enormous benefits of Spa services, Facials, or Skincare!

The subject of skin maintenance differs from time to time, and indeed from one continent to another. For example, the French say rubbing ice cube on the face helps blood circulation and reduces aging, and the Brazilians use homemade carrot juice for their facials and in curing pimples. In fact, Forbes suggested in 2021 that self-pleasure may be a gateway to glowing skin! Right now, we do not intend to dive into the correctness or otherwise of that assertion, but aren’t they interesting? More so, it points to one thing, that the possibilities are enormous and you shouldn’t be stuck with a near-perfect skin when there are great, affordable options to get a glowing one.

The Aim of this article:

NOT to outline all the skin remedies or spa solutions and facials used all over the world. But instead, to discuss viable routes to glowing skin.

Are you ready? Let’s dive right in!

Secret No. 1: Sunscreen

Did you get that? Too simple to actually be a secret right? However, the truth is that many celebrities have confessed that they don’t do so much other than use the right sunscreen for the right season. The idea here is to use a sunscreen that is:

  1. Compatible with your skin: It is pertinent to observe how your skin reacts when you get a new sunscreen. Is it drier than usual? If yes, then it is probably letting in more UV than required.
  2. Suitable for the season: You can use an SPF 30 in friendlier temperatures, but in summer, go for a higher SPF type as those will protect you better.
  3. Minimize exposure to the sun: We cannot ask you to stay indoors all summer. In fact, the sun may be such a big deal for you if you live in a colder region. However, it can affect your skin negatively. Use a hat to shield your face, get a UV-protected sunshade, and SPF clothing if possible.

Essentially, do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, especially midday sun (early morning sunbathing supplies vitamin C so that’s quite harmless), and if you must, get a suitable sunscreen.

Secret No. 2: Eat Greens

For this, think of your skin like a computer. Garbage in and you will see the garbage reflect on your skin. People often wonder why their skins cave under pressure and look pale at times. If you want to look fresh and healthy, you must also eat healthy, because what you consume provides internal nourishment for the skin, regardless of what external nourishment you provide for it. The CEO of Mawkish Facial Spa agrees with Jessica Wu and a ton of other experts, aestheticians, and doctors on this, so do not take it likely.

Here are some food items to avoid and some to consider if you are aiming for glowing and flawless skin.

  1. Avocado: Perfect for improving skin elasticity (which is responsible for softness and suppleness of the skin). Avocado is also a great collagen stimulant in the skin and prevents breakouts. Little wonder why many facials have avocado variants? You got that!
  2. Vegetables: Veggies like tomatoes are high anti-oxidants and greens for salads are a great source of healthy skin vitamins. Regardless of the colors, when you consume vegetables, you will begin to see real change in your skin texture.
  3. Avoid sugar: especially if you are battling acne. Here at Mawkish Spa, we experience faster recoveries with lower sugar intake, which we often supplement with vegetables and fruits.

We have a full article on common fruits and foods that help the skin. Click here to read more and expand your dietary options.

Secret No. 3: Facials and Spa Care

That’s right, we did not just include that to the list, many celebrities attest to the use of facials on a frequent basis. It was no news when Kim Kardashian confessed to her 10 pm daily facials. We could easily assume that all the unaging celebs have some youth elixir, or face the fact that they actually dedicate time and resource towards alleviating their skin. Thankfully, facials are reasonably accessible by all. At Mawkish Spa, we give you facial massages and a variety of spa services that will immediately improve your skin condition.

There are usually questions as to how often you should have facials. We will run a series on that in the nearest future, however, in the meantime, always remember that it is nothing like an expert touch.

Secret No. 4: Make Ups!

Why do we have to make up a secret to flawless skin? We actually mean, get rid of makeup from your face before bedtime. This is basic! But after a busy night out, you may just want to crash and call it quits for the day, but beauty comes at a cost. It is advisable to clean up makeup and possibly use a cleanser on your face to remove products from the pores and allow the skin to have a replenishing night’s rest. Did you also know that having sufficient sleep can positively improve the skin? Aka beauty sleep as some would like to call it.

So, take off the makeup, and clear up your pores before a night’s rest.

Secret No. 5: Know Your Skin

People may look alike, and yet, have different skin types and qualities. When it comes to Spa treatments and facials, it is crucial to know your skin before applying a product or treatment to it. Excess moisturizing may be of no good to oil skin and be perfect for dry skin.

Knowing your skin helps you pick products that are suitable for it and improves its natural glow.

Read more tips in the next article.