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There is that one brand that enters an industry and captures hearts with efficient procedures, and accurate solutions. In the beauty industry, that brand is the mawkish spa. An international skincare company renowned for its efficient and safe procedures for all kinds of skin maintenance, facials, Spa services and epidermal rejuvenation. Learn the secrets behind the Mawkish Spa’s fame, and how that benefits you.



I had a skin infection challenge with multiple pimples on my face. It started when I was in high school, and almost never dried out. As a result, my face was always swollen, and blackheads remained in spots where they once grew. It was a nightmare. I moved from spa to spa, and one product to another. But when I encountered the Mawkish Spa, I was put under a thorough regimen for 12 months, including an analysis of my diet and the risk factors that contributed to the condition. Many facials massage and spa services down the line and my face is all clear! I don’t know how they did it, but a challenge I had carried for nearly 15 years was resolved in 12 months. I am now more confident and happier.


#1 – There are a lot of people out there battling with one skin condition, or another.

#2 – Do you have beautiful skin and looking for how to lift its shine and make it glow?


It doesn’t matter your complexion, the Mawkish Spa uses targeted facials to help your inner glow shine.


Facials/ Solutions for all Skin Types

The skin is an outward identity. Especially the facial skin. It is what people get to see and analyze before they even speak to you. We all know what they say about first impressions; it may not be the last impression, but it could be a lasting one.

What first opinion are people getting from the condition of your skin? How confident are you about your skin?

The skin may be a condition you cannot ordinarily control, but there are myriads of solutions out there. Tapping into reliable skincare solutions and spa services can transform your looks and improve your complexion.



State of the Art Spa rooms: Our Spa rooms are exquisite. The environment is serene, clean, smells good, and calming. We also have equipment that maximizes client visits and prepares you for the most relaxing session of your life. From facial to full body massage; steaming to other Spa Services, the Mawkish Spa is got you.



The Mawkish Spa provides you with many options cutting across all kinds of facials and Spa services.

Book a spa session for proper attention and deep exfoliation. The good news is that we are affordable, with packages that offer greater value than the price. We run promos year-in-year-out, and if you stay connected to our page, you can easily get notified when there’s a promo.

Our promo options, allow you access to more services at a subsidized rate and encourages wholesome Spa sessions without squeezing your pockets.

We also run a discount program for repeat customers that offer clients up to 50% discount for Spa services. Karen benefited from this discount option due to the detailed and consistent care that she needed.



Our vision at Mawkish Spa is to encourage a world where everyone lives with perfect skin, is comfortable about their looks, and is confident in their skin. If you are uncertain or unable to afford a Spa session (although unlikely, because we have a variety of bookings that are affordable and offer great value) you can access the Mawkish Spa DIY facials.


Most Common Skincare routines:

  1. Activating Your Inner Glow: The art of activating your inner glow involves the use of natural techniques and products to help the skin relax, stimulate the production of collagen, and renew skin cells. It helps to think of the skin as more than a layer of covering. To administer proper care, your skin must be treated as a living portion of the body, because it is. You need to administer requisite vitamins for it to blossom and provide an environment that encourages healing, and replenishment.

At Mawkish Spa, we understand the intricacies of activating the inner glow and administering skin food for optimum results. We do this through our spa services involving an array of facials and skin solutions.

Would you like to learn the secrets of flawless skin? Click here to read more. (Link to 10 secrets of flawless skin).

  1. Battling Acne and Blackheads

Acne and blackheads are one of the commonest kinds of skin challenges. The causes of acne and blackheads are numerous. It ranges from skin inflammation, the exposure of the skin to unclean surfaces, harsh weather condition, incompatible creams/ lotions, makeup products,puberty, pimple breakouts, etc. We have dedicated many DIY tips toward facials for acne and blackheads. Click here to read about the different types of acne and how to cure them.With the Mawkish Spa, you can learn daily tips for battling acne and blackhead and improve your overall look and confidence.

  1. Anti-Aging Facials:

Aging is probably the most inevitable facet of life. We cannot prevent aging but there is a hack to it – we also do not have to look at our age. The fact that some people age slower, and some young people look older, is enough to signal that wrinkled skin need not necessarily follow your age. Aging is a function of how healthy the skin is, and whether it has all the necessary nutrients. At Mawkish Spa, we administer our anti-aging facials and facials massage which refreshes the skin and slows down the toll of aging. We have natural products that supply the skin with necessary nutrients to replenish itself and look decades younger.

  1. Teenager Facials Spa

You can trust teenagers not to be left behind with the goal of maintaining beauty. At mawkish Spa, we administer teenager facials that amplify the youthful look and help young girls feel pretty and confident, with or without make-up. Engaging in facials spa as a teenager helps remarkably in sustaining a healthier skin, even as you age. We invite you to visit our spa and explore the exciting packages we have for schoolgirls and teenagers.

  1. Discoloration

Some people think skin discoloration shouldn’t be a problem with proper makeup and contours. But the better news is that discoloration will not be a problem at all with the mawkish spa. Enjoy natural remedies for skin discoloration and have even-toned skin. 100% facials included.


The Mawkish Facial Spa will be sharing some practicable steps from time to time on our website. Stay connected!

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